About DCoBA


By 2002, the DCoBA will be recognized as an institution that significantly contributes to the generation, transfer and dissemination of knowledge, in the fields of action where it focuses its activity, as well as the quality of its processes and the relevance and impact of the formation, distinguished by:


To contribute to the universal development of knowledge, consolidating a university community of high human and social sensitivity, oriented to the integral formation of people who contribute towards the betterment of humankind, based on their leadership and entrepreneurial attitude.


The DCoBA bases its activity on 7 principles that guide each step we take; Know the way in which these conduct our procedure:


In DCoBA, we act with kindness, rectitude, transparency and integrity. This allows us to see in an objective and critical way our educational process to reach the missionary postulates.

Pluralism and freedom of thought:

We promote the freedom of teaching, learning, research and thought, always giving priority to scientific rigor, general interest and the common good.


We proclaim diversity and difference as human characteristics. All the activities we undertake are based on the foundation of dignity, our own rights and those of others, through a climate of peaceful coexistence, collective well-being and effective interactions.

National identity:

We contribute to the construction of a political project of the nation and its connection with the international sphere. We promote the conservation and enrichment of the nation’s cultural, natural and environmental heritage. Our educational process encourages understanding, critical thinking and the development of creative responses to national, cultural and human problems.


We fulfil the commitments assumed with the functions of the university environment. We are committed to education as a public and social good through the training of integral people.


Our actions are based on solidarity as a basic principle of the social order and a joint vision of the world. We share principles, values ​and common purposes, which we seek to develop through the internal cooperation of our members and inter-institutional actions.


We promote excellence as the basis of our mission. We develop mechanisms of self-evaluation and institutional self-regulation that guide and direct the processes of continuous improvement.