Fee Structure - Master of Business Administration

Fee Structure
A.1 MBA Program Tuition Fee Local Students (AED) International Students (USD)
Regular Students 9,100 -
Visiting (Short Term) 11,600 3,200
Pre-MBA 6,000 -
B. Miscellaneous Fees (Non refundable) (AED) (USD)
B.1 Application fee (MBA/LLM) 500 250
B.2 Admission and Registration Fees (includes Student ID card) 1,100 400
B.3 Application fee (PhD) 3,000 850
B.4 English Placement Test 300 -
B.5 Late Registration (Per Course) – except for PhD Program 500
B.6 Late Registration (Internship) – except for PhD Program 500
B.7 Challenge exam per course in Pre-MBA/Pre-LLM 2000
B.8 Replacement of a lost ID 100
B.9 Each Post Dated Check (Max 3 in each Term) 200
B.10 Returned check (maximum 2 chances) 750
B.11 Postponement of post-dated cheque 250
C. Miscellaneous Course Related Fees (Non refundable) (AED) (USD)
C.1 Application for Incomplete Final Exam 1000
C.2 Application for Reviewing Final Exam Sheet 500
C.3 Issuance of Degree Certificate Fee (with MOE attestation) 350 220
C.4 Re-issuance of Degree Certificate 1000 300
C.5 Attestation of True Copy Certificate 100
C.6 Graduation Fee* 2500
C.7 Technology Fee (once only at the time of enrollment) 700

The university reserves the right to increase tuition fees up to 10% per academic year when deemed necessary.